• Feb 10th 2013
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Excerpts from Knights of Columbus Essay Contest 2012-13 Winners
8th Grade – Sophia Lopez
As Catholics, we believe that a life shouldn’t be taken away. Health and Human Services mandate concerning contraception, sterilization and abortion inducing drugs violate our beliefs that we should respect life.


9th Grade – Carah Gibbons
Many people feel religion is unimportant as their parents did not show them what religion is.


10th Grade – Kayla Ward
We, as U.S. citizens have a right to select what religion we wish to believe in. No one is fully knowledgeable about to live a spiritual life, but is something we strive for each day.


11th Grade (no entries)

12th Grade – Julie Barton
It is our duty as individual Catholics to continue to maintain our pro-life stance and support the Catholic Church as we battle for religious freedom in the U.S.


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